Whizzinator Review 2017 – Read Before You Buy It

Writing a Whizzinator Touch 2017 review isn’t the most straightforward thing in the world. Do we talk about the crazy stories and famous athletes, or just get on with the review?

First and foremost, the device works. It’s simple:

  1. You strap it on your waist just like a regular belt.
  2. Then squeeze the fake penis to release the synthetic urine.
  3. And last, you watch yourself pee.

*The Whizzinator Touch is the newer and more improved device. It uses a valve system, which makes it easy to release the fake urine (you simply squeeze the fake penis).

With the original and older models you have to manually pump the urine out, which looks very suspicious under the gun.

Also, there are Whizzinator devices made specifically for women*

You shouldn’t be worrying about whether the Whizzinator Touch will work. It will.

The most important factor to your success is the synthetic urine you choose. If you use a crappy brand, you won’t like the results.

Whizzinators.com sells the #1 most trusted synthetic urine (Quick Fix Plus 6.1) as well as the Whizzinator Touch device.

Whizzinator Overview

If you’re not familiar, the Whizzinator device has been around for about 10 or so years, and it’s history is rich.

I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say some famous people have been caught with the device. But, you probably don’t give a shit and just want to learn more about the Whizzinator.

image of whizzinator review

The Whizzinator Touch sells for $125

Maybe you’re thinking something like this:

  • Does it actually work? What does it come with?
  • How does it work?
  • Are there different colors (yes, there are 4)?
  • Are there products designed specifically for women?
  • Will I get caught using it?
  • Which model should I buy?
  • Is it worth the risk?

Okay, some of those questions you’re going to have to answer yourself. We’re not hear to say whether you will get caught. That’s on you.

If fact, before we move forward, let’s clear up our stance on the Whizzinator.

Disclaimer: the Whizzinator device is to be used in compliance with your local, state, and country law. The device can used as a sex toy or a gag gift (and many other ways to use it).

Now that we’ve settled that, it’s time to address some of the questions.

1 – Does it actually work?

Yes, the Whizzinator penis will work. To be fair, the Whizzinator itself is not the product in question.

The real question should be this: Will the synthetic urine I use through the Whizzinator device work?

The Whizzinator Touch (the one we recommend) comes standard with a dehydrated urine called Golden Shower. While it does work on most screenings, we highly recommend using Quick Fix Plus 6.1.

When it comes to synthetic urine, it’s pretty clear cut that Quick Fix Plus 6.1 is the most reliable (click here if you’d like to read our review).

That means we strongly recommend you buy Quick Fix (version 6.1) alongside the Whizzinator Touch (both can safely be purchased at Whizzinators.com, which will lower your shipping costs).

2 – How does it work?

image of whizzinator touch review instructions

(CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) – Here are the instructions straight from the box.

Your Whizzinator Touch will come with detailed instructions, but it’s worth going over some important aspects.

It comes with a strap (goes up to a 54 waist size) that you tie around your waist (like underwear).

There is a vinyl pouch attached, and this is where the fake pee goes. You’re given a syringe to make the transfer of the pee an easy process.

Your product also comes with heating pads. They contain an adhesive strip that attaches to the side of the pouch area.

Squeezing the penis will release the valve and release the urine.

That’s an important feature because the older Whizzinator devices had a manual switch that needed to be flicked in order to release the pee. It makes it much more natural.

3 – Are there different colors?


There are five options available for order at Whizzinators.com (they are our recommended online store).

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Tan
  4. Latino
  5. Brown

4 – Are there Whizzinators designed for women?


Learn more about Female Whizzinator at Whizzinator.com.


In short, your decision to use the Whizzinator shouldn’t rest in whether, “it works or not.” The only thing that must happen in order to say it works is that urine must flow through the penis. That’s it!

But, as discussed above, the real question is whether the synthetic urine will work. We confidently recommend Quick Fix Plus 6.1 at this time.

If you still have doubts, or some specific question answered, we highly recommend jumping over to Whizzinators.com. Not only do they provide detailed instructions about the product, they offer a live chat feature.

Good luck with your new sex toy!