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Publishing reviews and providing an in-depth analysis of synthetic urine and other related products to help you pass a drug test is what our company does. We explain everything you need to know, such as where you can purchase them, how much they cost, and how they work.


Additional Hair Testing Information

The hair follicle test is difficult to sway in your favor. It can detect use within the past 90 days, and in rare instances six months. It’s gained popularity over the past decade due to the high failure rate.

Although it’s more expensive than a urine test, employers feel more confident about creating a toxin-free work environment. To learn more about the hair follicle test, check out our page dedicated to it.

Mouth Swab Test Facts

The saliva oral exam has been picking up in popularity over the past 5-10 years. The test is appealing for employers: low cost, non-invasive, and it can be administered on-site.

But with all things in life, there are drawbacks to the mouth swab test. Users that take the exam can easily pass it using a few well-known methods. Learn more about the saliva test, and how people overcome it.


Quick Fix Plus 6.3 – The Best Synthetic Urine In 2021

If you need to pass a urine drug test, then it’s important to carefully analyze your options. Obviously, it would be nice if we could all pass naturally, but that is rarely the case.

The best synthetic urine isn’t the easiest question to answer. Based off our research in the online forums, we have concluded that Quick Fix Plus (version 6.3 updated version) is the top rated fake pee on the market in 2021.

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