Synthetic Urine Reviews 2018 – Will Quick Fix Plus 6.1 and newer 6.2 Work?


Finding the best synthetic urine in 2018 (one that actually works) can be a nightmare. As you know, there’s a ton of misleading information surrounding the topic. Today, we take a look at Quick Fix Plus (version 6.1 and newer 6.2) to see if it still works.



Quick Fix Plus 6.1 and 6.2 continues to pass a urine drug screening. Just make sure you buy it from a trusted source. If you need a passing result, we strongly recommend

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The Confusion

If you ask 50 different people how to pass a urine test, you’re going to get 50 different answers. Don’t let that discourage you.

The good news is that the urine test is one of the easiest to swing in your favor. Simply put, a synthetic urine kit, along with three other methods (we’ll discuss them later) are effective against today’s urine test.

Taking any kind of screening test sucks, but it could be worse. Count yourself lucky you that don’t have to take the dreaded hair follicle test.

Will You Pass?

When was the last time you smoked? Do you have a chance to pass naturally? Click to enlarge the image below to find out.

smoke detection times urine test 1

How this page is organized

This page is designed for people looking to pass a urine drug test. Here’s a page overview:

It goes without saying, but, you have just been asked to take urine test and need to pass. Take a deep breath. We’ve reviewed the top rated fake urines to make sure you’re in the best position to pass.

The great news is that fake urine kits have been around for a while. But be careful, not all fake pee is created equal. It’s important you’re using the right stuff come testing day.

“Hold up. Even if some fake piss works, I don’t feel comfortable using it. I want to use my own piss”

Hey, we get it. Strapping artificial urine inside your pants isn’t the most comfortable maneuver to pull off. While QuickFix urine works, there are two solutions that allow you to use your own pee.

See the two options below; click to learn more about them. Both methods are effective, but each one is designed for a different type of ‘smoker’.

“Thanks for the information, I still want to know more about how it works.” Read below.

Does Synthetic Urine Work?


The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Yes, but if you want to be safe, we highly recommend you go with Quick Fix Plus 6.2.

TIP: MAKE SURE TO AVOID COUNTERFEIT BRANDS that claim to be selling the real QuickFix urine. You MUST buy it from a trusted online vendor. We strongly recommend if you’re going to purchase it online.

Not sure how to use a synthetic urine kit? We recommend starting a chat with the urine testing experts.

Why QF Version 6.2?

First off, each testing lab has different urine testing standards. In short, some urine tests will look for the presence of uric acid and others will not.

Not sure if your lab will be looking for the uric acid? That’s okay. If you go with the the latest formula for Quick Fix plus $5 more (version 6.2), then you will pass either test. Honestly, we can’t see any reason to risk it; grab the one with uric acid.

Why risk it?

If you’re 100% confident the test will not test for uric acid, then you can go with the original formula, but you know the risks.

In terms of price, the newer formula (6.2) is only $6 more. That’s a small amount compared to the setback of failing the test. Also, there is always a chance the testing lab could send the results to another lab.

Check out the forum post from someone that recently used it. Their urine sample was sent to another lab for further testing. They were fortunate the new lab test didn’t test for uric acid; it could have devastating.

quick fix plus review

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What’s The Best Fake Urine Kit?

If you’ve been browsing the forums (here’s one of the many examples), then it’s probably not the first time you’ve heard about Quick Fix Synthetic Urine (version 6.2). To be brutally honest, there is no other fake urine product that can compare.

If you look hard enough, you’re inevitably going to run into some negative reviews (and 99.9% of the time because of user error). You’re never going to find a product with 100% positive reviews; it’s the nature of the industry. But if you compare it any other urine testing product it’s about as good as it gets.

Find out where you can buy it.

Why are there some bad synthetic urine reviews?

The small amount of negative criticism comes from the people with the loudest voices (they’re angry and must be heard). The majority of people who fail don’t read and/or follow the instructions properly, or they end up using the original version for a lab that tests for uric acid.

There’s a great thread on Grasscity that talks about why people fail using Spectrum Lab’s QF urine–and yes, it does come down to user error. Here’s what someone had to say about it (see image below).

image of user error

Allow me to shift gears for a second. Your urine screening result means a lot to you (why else would you be reading this). A passing result could mean you land your dream job. Whatever the case may be, you deserve to put yourself in the best situation to pass the test.

Our challenge to you

If you’re still unsure, we challenge you to do more research. In our opinion, the forums are the best place to learn about the current trends (what’s working and what’s not).

It’s important to find the most recent results because the labs constantly update their testing standards. There’s no reason to take advice from a forum post that’s older than one year.

Where Can You Find It?

If you’re ready to try it, we recommend getting it from They stand behind their product by offering a money-back guarantee.

Quick Fix Review (version “Plus 6.2”)

Okay, it sounds great, but does fake urine work? The formula is designed to mimic real urine. The labs test each sample to make sure it contains key chemicals.

Here’s why QuickFix urine works. Your artificial urine sample will have the following characteristics:

  • Toxin free
  • Balanced pH level
  • Normal gravity rating
  • Balanced creatine levels
  • Uric acid
  • Other real urine characteristics

TIP: MAKE SURE TO AVOID COUNTERFEIT BRANDS that claim to be selling the real Quick Fix. You MUST buy synthetic piss from a trusted online vendor. We strongly recommend if you’re going to purchase it online.

What about the original/older formulas?

Some labs have started cracking down on fake pee. As mentioned earlier, it’s because the urine analysis is now able to test for the presence of uric acid. Uric acid is naturally present in everyone’s urine.

That’s not the case with QuickFix Synthetic Piss (original formula). If you use the product and they test for uric acid, you will fail the test.

Only go with an older version if you’re 100% sure the testing lab doesn’t look for the presence of uric acid (your risk).

Two More Urine Test Solutions

Not sure you want to use artificial urine? It’s okay, there are two other options you should know about (one we trust–the other is riskier).

The first method is detox formulas. For some reason, detox programs have gotten a horrible reputation over the last few years. We believe it has to do with false advertising surrounding the products.

image of best synthetic urine 1Detox methods are not meant to be a cure-all solution. It’s designed for those that are already close to passing naturally; they just need an extra boost in the right direction. A chronic user will likely not see any benefit from them as their body needs too much time to detox. Skip down to learn more about detox programs.

Not looking for help with a urine test? If you’re looking for hair testing information, please check out our page dedicated to that.

Okay, maybe fake pee isn’t the route you want to go. It’s understandable: Having to keep the synthetic hidden inside your pants can be scary.

What’s The Best Detox Formula?

We strongly recommend’s detox options. There are two different options. One is meant for people that weigh over 200 pounds and only comes in a cherry flavor. If you’re under 200 pounds then you have two flavor options:

  • Lime
  • Cherry

If you’re not sure where to start, head over to their website and start a chat. It’s available during normal U.S. business hours. They will help clear up any confusion you have regarding anything related to a urine screening.

Total Detox Friend (avoid; risky)

Total Detox Friend is based on a gimmicky formula and we do not recommend this option if you’re serious about the result.

If you’re comfortable using synthetic pee, we recommend using Spectrum Lab’s Quick Fix.

Learn more about it.

If it isn’t up your ally, go with a detox program.

Learn more about Absolute Detox.

More Questions?

Many people ask, “Does Synthetic Urine Expire?” The answer is yes, however, all fake urine brands have different shelf lives. QuickFix states that their product has a two-year shelf life.

Another common question is, “Where Can I Buy Synthetic Urine?” As stated above, we recommend going with a trusted online vendor. At this time, you’re in great hands with

Other Fake Pee Brands

Unfortunately, we are not comfortable recommending any other brands at this time. Here are other synthetic pee products you may be able to find online:

  • Magnum Detox
  • P-Sure
  • Powdered Urine (from TestClear)
  • U Pass
  • Monkey whizz

Additional Resources