What Is The Purpose Of Synthetic Urine?

If you want to pass a urine drug screening, but you don’t want to take the weird drinks that are advertised online, your only two options are getting the urine of someone else or using synthetic urine.

Finding someone willing to give you urine is very difficult to do, and there is no guarantee you will get any. Alternatively, fake pee is being used widely now to beat urine tests, especially for smokers enjoy themselves on the weekend. But make sure you keep the synthetic urine warm or it will not work.

It is important to note that if you decide to use synthetic urine, which is very effective at helping people beat screenings, then you need to know about the consequences. If you take the urine test and it is determined you used fake pee then you will lose your job immediately, and you can even face jail time, as a result. Even if you have fake urine on you, it can be considered a felony to be in possession of it and some states have harsh penalties for its possession.

Urine screenings, through the use of urine, are often used for pre-employment screening at your work. It is used for testing people applying for welfare, people who are on parole and more. Fake piss can be bought from online stores, but these stores all state that it is a novelty item and should never be used for cheating the system.

The reason they do this is that they can be charged for selling synthetic pee if it is for the purpose of cheating. The laws governing fake pee and its use are getting much stricter with each passing year as the use of it increases. In Indiana, the possession of fake pee is considered to be a crime.

This is because police official began to discover that more and more inmates were using fake urine to pass. In Illinois, cheating a urine sceening through the use of fake urine is considered to be a felony and any person caught can be fined $1,000 at least and be sent to prison. A company who sells the pee to a customer in Illinois could then be charged as well.

Employers look down on the use of it. All medical examinations at a workplace are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, but the tests are not medical. As such, it is fully within the right of the employer to screen for chemicals and the employer has the right to fire someone at will if they have failed. In addition, it is within the employer’s right to fire someone if they are in possession of the urine of someone else or are in possession of a fake sample.

This should be kept under consideration if you are thinking of using fake pee. The use of it can result in you not having a job anymore or going to jail, so be careful. If you buy your pee from a source online that does not know what they are doing, you could end up in a lot of troubles. You need to make sure that the urine you buy has uric acid in it, as well as being at the right temperature and mixed properly. Failure in any of these regards can result in you ending up with a lost job and handcuffs on your wrists.

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