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Can Aloe Rid Shampoo Help You Beat a Hair Drug Tests?

Can Aloe Rid Shampoo Help You Beat a Hair Drug Tests?

image of old style aloe rid

Correct Alo Rid formulation needed.

Alo Rid shampoo now plays a role in the history of drug testing.

According to Mobile, substance abuse testing didn’t begin until the early 1900’s when Henry Ford’s push for “a sober and moral” workforce caused the firm to form a Social Department dedicated to monitoring employee behaviors to detect bad habits.

At the time, drinking and gambling were considered the worst culprits, but in less than a generation, the Vietnam war and the Hippie movement changed all of that. Many soldiers returning from Southeast Asia had become opioid-dependent, and an era of drug testing was officially declared that has extended to today’s workplace.

A proliferation of congressional actions produced legislation the like Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988. Individual states followed suit and the case for drug testing grew stronger over time as more and more companies mandated screenings for new hires.

But, the tide is turning
On March 5, 2018, Rebecca Greenfield and Jennifer Kaplan reported on “The Coming Decline of the Employment Drug Test” for Bloomberg News, suggesting that companies are starting to relax testing policies in response to a tightening job market and the fast pace at which marijuana is being legalized.

Of course, you probably don’t care about what’s down the pike if your only goal is finding a way to beat the drug test that awaits you. The bad news is that you may not be able to avoid it. The good news is the proliferation of products on today’s market than can come to your rescue. One of the most effective is an Alo Rid Shampoo, and one brand could become your new BFF if your recreational activities have put you at risk.

About the drug screening process
According to National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Objective Testing parameters, There are currently four methods used to assess whether or not an individual has taken drugs: Urine, hair, oral fluid and sweat. While three deliver results that can show recent substance use, only a hair drug test has the capability of reporting on 90-days’ worth of drug activity. Hair drug test procedure

How is that possible? It has to do with the biological makeup of hair, it’s growth pattern and ability of substances to bond with hair for extended amounts of time due to the way drugs are metabolized. If you didn’t sleep through science classes as a kid, you may recall that trees can be dated by the number of rings one sees when the tree is cut horizontally. Keep this example in mind and you’ll understand the hair dilemma.

It gets more intriguing. Drug concentrations can get involved with hair melatonin so if you’ve got dark hair, drug concentration tends to be heavier than it would be in redheads and blonds. Can you dye your hair and fool the test? You can try. But when your hair is snipped (always from the back of the head and as close to the scalp as possible), don’t count on L’Oréal to save the day. You need a hair care product that does more than get rid of the day’s dirt and dandruff. You need an Alo Rid Shampoo.


For more information on the entire hair drug test process click here:

We ask the questions you would about how drugs impact your hair.

Q: How soon can a tester know for sure if you’ve taken drugs after grabbing a sample?
A: About the time it takes to grow a hair from root to scalp. If your hair grows fast, you may only test positive for five days. Slow hair growers need two more days.

Q: Do substances show up only on head hair?
A: Sadly, every hair on your body has the potential to expose drug use and while there are limitations on the results gleaned from samples taken from extremities, the torso and the genital region, the risk remains.

Q: How about if I shave my head and my body?
A: You’re going to look really suspicious and we don’t envy you when it starts growing back and every inch of your shaved body starts to itch. Besides, body hair grows back slower than head hair.

Q: How often do hair follicle drug tests turn out to be wrong?
A: History shows a similar blood or urine test result, but all of the hyperbole associated with those “99-percent accuracy” claims are just so much marketing hype. Every test has the potential to give a false read and some folks have elevated the art of finding ways around not testing positive for drugs to new heights.

Really weird ways you could fail a drug test
We rely upon to provide some of the weirdest reasons people fail drug tests, because we figure that you could use a few laughs at this point

1. The tea you’re served during your volunteer work in South America happens to be made from coca leaves.
2. An OTC cold medication your mom bought for you triggers a false positive.
3. The guy who convinced you that it’s impossible to get high by breathing in marijuana fumes was wrong.
4. Even antibiotics can be the culprit. If you’re taking a drug test, ask your doc if his Rx could show up on a drug screen.
5. The ibuprofen you took for a bad headache could produce false positives, too.
6. Skip the tonic water. Quinine is s popular street-drug mixer and can alert testers even if you’re clean.
7. Efavirenz, an HIV med, may emulate THC when tested. Scientists think this compound interferes with the test itself.
8. Just say no to bagels that contain poppy seeds and take a pass on poppy seed salad dressing, too. Life is cruel.

How to pass a hair drug test without studying
We’re not making any lifestyle judgments here, but let’s say for the sake of argument that you have had a particularly active social life and enjoyed all of the excesses life has to offer. Then, rumors of random drug testing start spreading through the office rumor mill like amphetamines.

You need a solution. Opt for Alo Rid Shampoo, “the best-selling product for stripping hair follicles to deliver negative test results.” Will you absolutely, positively sail through your test? If only. No single product can make that guarantee, though we’re pretty sure if the product is out there, Aloe Rid Shampoo chemists will make the breakthrough. But for now, these 4 steps can help you pass that drug test:

1. Kiss your favorite substances goodbye for at least 110 days before a scheduled test. That’s the amount of time you need to grow a clean segment of hair.

Old style Alo rid shampoo

Old style Alo rid shampoo

2. Take a substance hiatus and hit the razor five days before you’re tested. Shave everything. Of course, if HR experiences had a rash of job applicants with shaved heads, you may also be asked to take a blood or urine test.

3. Try one of the science experiments being touted in cyberspace these days. Invest in a pair of goggles to protect your eyes before hitting the shower because these homemade shampoos use ingredients like vinegar, salicylic acid and laundry soap mixed with Aloe Rid formulations.

4. Skip all of the above and go directly to the Aloe Rid Shampoo of your choice, using it to detox your hair follicles so you pass your next test.

Homework may be required to find the right version of the aloe rid shampoo and we have you covered,  A direct link to the real old version of Alo rid shampoo because your job could depend upon it.

Begin using product between 3 and 10 days before your test and let the lather soak into your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Conditioner? Of course. Drug testing is one thing. Looking good is another.

Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine How to Avoid a False Positive Drug Test in 2018

Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine, how to avoid a false positive drug Test in 2018


Most commonly throughout your early years you might be faced with a situation involving a urine test to secure employment. Rewinding a bit and you will likely find yourself up late partying with some of your best friends in college or perhaps partaking in some after school activities. No we don’t judge it’s legal now right? Well right and wrong when it comes to urine tests.


Wait I Have To Take a Drug Test? Yikes!

In the coming months of graduation, you will likely be offered your dream job. With years of college under your belt you have aligned yourself to succeed in the real world. Now here comes the tricky part, passing your urine test for that new job you took. I often catch myself wondering how in the heck can someone judge me on what went on in my personal life after school? I mean I did graduate from Stanford with honors credits. Well in case you think I am bullshitting you here is how it all went down. You can thank the Reagan administrations war on drugs policy that enacted the mandatory drug testing law. Here is a state by state law guide on drug testing, procedures and collection standards.


15 Common Ways You Can Fail With a False Positive Result.

So, in case you’re wondering do I have to take a urine test? The short answer is yes. If you want a job it is highly likely in today’s job market. Like a large percentage of people not everyone is sure they will pass a urine test. Common household items like cold medicine, poppy seed muffins, hell even second-hand smoke at a concert can deliver a false positive result. I came across this article   

Drug testing

Photo: Shutterstock

written by Dr. Sharon Orrange, who through clinical research describes 15 medications that can cause you to fail your drug test. If you are like one of the millions out there who suffer from back pain or even depression you are likely at risk. Common products like these listed below are just 2 examples outlined in her article.


Ibuprofen and naproxen (Advil/Motrin and Aleve). Two very common over the counter anti-inflammatory pain medications. If you’ve taken either of these, your urine screen may test positive for barbiturates, THC (cannabinoid), and PCP.


Sertraline (Zoloft) is an antidepressant and if you’ve taken it, you may test positive for benzodiazepines and LSD.


What Is Synthetic Urine Exactly?

Now if your starting to panic there is good reason why, I often wonder how many times to people get denied employment or even thrown in jail for failing a urine test at no fault of their own. I am certain lab equipment can be faulty and specimen results can get mixed up as well, the scary facts are it just happens folks. This brings me to the interesting part “Synthetic Urine” yes, we have all heard of it. If you are wondering what is synthetic urine exactly? well here is Google link description of the exact contents and manufacturing process.

Now let me put this into English for the common person reading this. Synthetic Urine such as Quick Fix 6.2 urine is a pre-mixed laboratory grade kit used to help once conceal their medical history and pass a urine test. With common ingredients like those found in fake pee such as Ph, Creatine, Gravity, Color and Urea- Uric acid the kit is designed to delivery results just like the real thing.


Quick Fix 6.2 has been around for decades it has evolved. From the old days of version 4.0 to 6.1 which leads to it’s most advanced formula to date, Version 6.2 with pre-mixed Urea in every kit. If you are wondering what the difference between urea and uric acid in the Quick Fix formulas here is a link Written by: Manisha Kumar that explains it in detail. Frequently asked question


Now that we have outlined why companies drug test, how you can fail with a false positive and why synthetic urine may be your best option lets discuss where to purchase this stuff. When purchasing synthetic urine online you must be careful. Large online retailers like Amazon and eBay have been known to sell counterfeit Quick Fix 6.2 that will not only fail but make you look like a complete idiot. When purchasing a potential life saving product is it best to buy fake urine from a legitimate source. is a direct source to purchase not only Quick Fix 6.2 urine kits but also heating pads, and detox drinks. We recommend this source because you have the piece of mind knowing it came directly from its source and it can not be expired nor counterfeit.

Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine to The Rescue.

We also found reviews of this company in online forums which backs it claim of a 100% success rate, just read what these guys have to say about it Quick Fix 6.2 urine kit


I hope this article has opened the door on some common questions when using synthetic urine. The do’s and don’ts when having to take a urine test as well as insight into the world of Urine testing. We have provided you some clickable references to better help educate you moving forward, please feel free to comment below with questions and we will do our best to get the questions answered.





Aka Stanford Graduate!



The opinions expressed here are my own, I do not condone the use of illegal drugs and all recommendations of all detox products are to be used in accordance will all federal and state laws in which you reside. The references in this article have no affiliation nor stance on this subject in discussion. Some of the links on our website are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our study. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

The Use of Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

The Use of Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

The Uses of Synthetic Urine and Why it is Most Commonly Used in Drug Testing

Synthetic urine is an artificially-manufactured mixture of water and other organic and inorganic compounds – including uric acid, urea, creatinine, phosphates, sulfates and chlorides – intended mainly for laboratory applications; in reality, its blanket of usage covers a much wider spectrum. Though it authentically mimics all the physical characteristics and chemical properties of human urine, “fake pee” (as it is known) brings with it substantial advantages like the absence of any kind of waste, thus it’s able to be utilized in the areas where genuine urine can’t be used because of hygiene and infectious diseases hazards. Additionally, synthetic urine boasts a formidably long shelf life, making it easy to ship and store.

It is for all these reasons and more that synthetic urine has become popular for use in the following areas:             Facts on Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine

Urine Testing Equipment Calibration One of synthetic urine’s original purposes was to help calibrate different urine testing equipment, as human urine can’t help in this department due to its greatly varying composition. As such, an artificial substance with a constant formula is indispensable for any laboratory that conducts urinalysis.
Science “Fake pee” is also widely used for various scientific purposes, beginning with the development of new urine tests for different diseases and even going up to include preparing for an eventual mission to Mars.
Education Medical students are trained to conduct urinalysis tests and clinical experiments on synthetic urine.
Alternative Medicine and Cosmetology Synthetic urine has become an acceptable substitute for urine therapy in alternative medicine or for different cosmetic purposes, since it boasts identical chemical composition.
Cleaning Agent Testing Synthetic urine is very popular among marketers and salespeople to demonstrate the effectiveness of cleaning agents for carpets and furniture, including urine stain and odor removers.

The Most Common Use of Synthetic Urine: Passing a Drug Test

Because synthetic urine works for passing a drug test, it has become one of the most popular areas of application for the product. The original urine sample can be substituted with the synthetic urine that does not contain any evidence of drug use, thus yielding something of a guarantee of a negative result. From most reports, it is almost impossible to detect fraud, no matter the training level of the lab staff, because the latest formulas of such commonly-used products like our own Quick Fix perfectly imitate real human urine – and do not differ from it in composition and appearance.

Here are some things that determine the quality of a synthetic urine product:

• Must contain uric acid
• Must contain urea
• Must contain creatinine
• Must contain nitrates
• Must be the correct temperature (90- to 100-degrees Fahrenheit, 32- to 36-degrees Celsius)
• Must exhibit a normal pH (between 4.8 and 8)
• Must exhibit normal specific gravity (the density of urine compared to water)
• Recommended to exhibit a urine-like odor and foam naturally
• Discretion (because sometimes urine tests are monitored)

What You Need to Know and where to buy Quick Fix 6.2 online.

Before we jump into that discussion here is a source to buy Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine 

Using synthetic urine for a urine drug test is believed to be significantly easier for tests completed in a private bathroom; understandably, the risk of being caught increases dramatically if you are being monitored during the urination process.

What exactly do urine testing labs look for?

Practitioners in the medical field use urine to test for a plethora of details concerning someone’s health; however, drug testing in it of itself is one of the most common scenarios in which an individual might encounter a urine analysis (as we already conveyed). Those hoping to gain a certain result on a test, aside from a common drug screening, are advised to do research on what their urine analysis is looking for prior to investing in synthetic urine.

Still, when it comes to drug testing, there are a few misnomers about what exactly laboratories are testing for – as an example, a standard drug screening will not test for:

• Sex hormones (indicating gender)
• Genetic data
• Prescription medications (aside from amphetamines, opioid medications or compounds specified by the analysis) how to pass a drug screen
• General health status

The standard urine drug test checks for the presence of five or six difference substances including:

• THC (cannabis) metabolites
• Opiates
• Cocaine
• Phencyclidine (PCP)
• Alcohol (on occasion)

A drug testing lab will also check for:

• Temperature
• pH
• Creatinine
• Uric acid
• Urea
• Excessive nitrates
• Glutaraldehyde
• Specific gravity

The good news is that the suspicion that a sample contains synthetic urine due to odor, color or foam characteristics isn’t enough evidence on its own to reject the sample; still, it may raise some unwanted red flags and warrant further investigation. Most labs, however, test the temperature of the urine sample within just a few minutes after receiving it, so the temperature is important when trying to “trick” an analysis. To be sure, synthetic urines can be re-heated as many times as necessary.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: Tests in recent years have become more sophisticated due to the increasing popularity of synthetic urine – in fact, to reject a sample, the testing lab has to scientifically prove the sample is a fake. In a sense, this creates a type of race between manufacturers of synthetic urines and testing laboratories, so both must continue to develop more sensitive tests and realistic products in order to out-compete the other.

That’s where the Quick Fix product comes in.          Quick Fix 6.2 urine kit

Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the clean, pre-mixed laboratory urine that everyone has been talking about. Spectrum Labs has perfected a means of creating urine in a laboratory environment, a process that has resulted in a cleaner, fresher urine that is toxin-free and balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea and several other vital urine characteristics. What’s more, Quick Fix has been designed for unisex applications – thus, it can be used by men and women.

Each box of Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine is warmed between 90- and 100-degrees in a microwave up for 10 seconds, when it becomes suitable for use. All users have to do is attach the heat pack and keep it warm for up to eight hours.

For more information about our innovative Quick Fix 6.2 urine substitute and where to buy Quick Fix 6.2 on sale, click here.

What Do The Forums Say About Quick Fix Plus?

quick fix plus 6.1Your first question might be the following: What’s the purpose of the post? Why does it matter what people are saying about Quick Fix Plus 6.1 and their fake piss?

Read our full review of Quick Fix Plus 6.1.

It matters because it’s likely going to be your only insight to its effectiveness. The feel and vibe of the forums reflect what’s happening in the real world.

Grasscity is a perfect forum to take a look at.

The only other way you will get trusted information on the subject is through word of mouth. Some of you may have friends that have gone through testing situations and they can share their success stories (or failure). But, as we’ve noticed with age, your social life begins to change and there becomes less of a chance that you know enough people to formulate a solid opinion.

There are several reasons why it’s not easy to find good “word of mouth” information about things like synthetic urine (ie, Quick Fix Plus). The main reason is that anything related to a urine screening is kept “under the radar”. It’s rare to find people talking openly about these matters in public.

Imagine you’re at a business dinner. There’s almost no chance (I guess it depends on your line of work) that someone is going to tell you their latest synthetic urine recommendation. One the other hand, someone might be ready to tell you why they think BBQ grill “XYZ” is the best; or their favorite golf club that you need to buy.

You see, we are a society that takes one’s word of mouth seriously. If you’re close enough to someone (co-workers usually count) you will likely take their word. At the very least, you will surely take their recommendation into consideration.

Where Does That Leave You?

Simply stated, you’re going to have to trust the forums at some level. We advise you (because you probably stand to lose a lot if you don’t) to be critical of everything you read. We’re not saying that you can’t trust what people are saying, but you have to be smart about it.

In the next section, We’re going to give you my advice for interpreting the forum results. For this particular example, we will use Quick Fix Plus.

Want more information about Quick Fix Plus? Click here to learn more.

You Must Adjust Your Expectations

If you learn one thing from this article, we truly hope this is it: You’re not going to be reading the happiest reviews in the world. Look, if you were reading Amazon reviews on coffee makers, you’re probably going to get a completely different type of feedback compared to screening products. The people that buy a new coffee maker pay good money for it and it’s highly likely the machine is making better coffee than their old machine (all positive things).

You’re going to see higher reviews across the board. It’s just that simple. A bad experience with a coffee machine doesn’t mean they lose their dream job (you get the picture).

They Will All Look Bad

Okay, most screening products don’t get sold on Instead of reading a hundred product reviews, you are going to have to rely on the forums. While they’re not technically reviews in the purest sense, consider them your best asset.

The Grasscity Forum is a great place to start your search.

It’s important that you understand that almost all screening products will have negative reviews. Your job (well, ours too) is to find the products that produce the least amount of bad reviews. People who don’t get a result they are looking for want the world to know; it’s a natural reaction when something bad happens.

While there are some bad products out there (there always are), it’s important to realize that most people fail their test because they fail to follow the instructions. You’d be amazed at how many people assume they know how something is done. Well, those are the people that flunk the test.

In addition to missing the instructions, most of the negative results will come from people who don’t know enough about their specific situation. Every laboratory has different requirements. You need to do your homework and make sure you’re using the right stuff for your situation.

Don’t know what kind of test you’re taking? Don’t know where to start? Take advantage and learn more about your specific situation.

Where Should I Start?

There are some tricks you can use with Google to help your search. This will take some effort on your part. But, ultimately your success is up to you. Only you can determine how much a passing result will mean for your life.


  • Do you have a particular product in mind? We won’t go into detail, but we consider Quick Fix Plus to be the best synthetic urine on the market. Learn more about it here.
  • Determine what kind of test you’re taking?
  • What state or country do you live in?
  • What lab will the test be conducted at?
  • Make sure you’re ready to see both positive and negative results.

Improve Your Google Search Skills

Let’s say you want to learn more about Quick Fix Plus. Type the following into Google:

Quick Fix Plus + “forum”

The first part tells Google to search like it regularly does. It will try to find all web pages related to Quick Fix Plus.The second part is the where the magic happens. The quotes tell Google to find pages that specifically have the word forum on it (also note you have to add the plus sign in between).

All forums have the word forum on their page (at least somewhere). That will make the search results come back with a ton of forum results. Now, it’s your turn to dig and claw through what people are saying.

It’s also wise to read the most current comments. The industry changes quickly and any advice older than one year will typically not be of any help.