What Do The Forums Say About Quick Fix Plus?

What Do The Forums Say About Quick Fix Plus?

Your first question might be the following: What’s the purpose of the post? Why does it matter what people are saying about Quick Fix Plus 6.3 and their fake piss?

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It matters because it’s likely going to be your only insight to its effectiveness. The feel and vibe of the forums reflect what’s happening in the real world.

Grasscity is a perfect forum to take a look at.

The only other way you will get trusted information on the subject is through word of mouth. Some of you may have friends that have gone through testing situations and they can share their success stories (or failure). But, as we’ve noticed with age, your social life begins to change and there becomes less of a chance that you know enough people to formulate a solid opinion.

There are several reasons why it’s not easy to find good “word of mouth” information about things like synthetic urine (ie, Quick Fix Plus). The main reason is that anything related to a urine screening is kept “under the radar”. It’s rare to find people talking openly about these matters in public.

Imagine you’re at a business dinner. There’s almost no chance (I guess it depends on your line of work) that someone is going to tell you their latest synthetic urine recommendation. On the other hand, someone might be ready to tell you why they think BBQ grill “XYZ” is the best; or their favorite golf club that you need to buy.

You see, we are a society that takes one’s word of mouth seriously. If you’re close enough to someone (co-workers usually count) you will likely take their word. At the very least, you will surely take their recommendation into consideration.

Where Does That Leave You?

Simply stated, you’re going to have to trust the forums at some level. We advise you (because you probably stand to lose a lot if you don’t) to be critical of everything you read. We’re not saying that you can’t trust what people are saying, but you have to be smart about it.
In the next section, We’re going to give you advice for interpreting the forum results. For this particular example, we will use Quick Fix Plus.
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You Must Adjust Your Expectations

If you learn one thing from this article, we truly hope this is it:
You’re not going to be reading the happiest reviews in the world. Look, if you were reading Amazon reviews on coffee makers, you’re probably going to get a completely different type of feedback compared to screening products. The people that buy a new coffee maker pay good money for it and it’s highly likely the machine is making better coffee than their old machine (all positive things).
You’re going to see higher reviews across the board. It’s just that simple. A bad experience with a coffee machine doesn’t mean they lose their dream job (you get the picture).

They Will All Look Bad

Okay, most screening products don’t get sold on Amazon.com. Instead of reading a hundred product reviews, you are going to have to rely on the forums. While they’re not technically reviews in the purest sense, consider them your best asset.

The Grasscity Forum is a great place to start your search

It’s important that you understand that almost all screening products will have negative reviews. Your job (well, ours too) is to find the products that produce the least amount of bad reviews.

People who don’t get a result they are looking for want the world to know; it’s a natural reaction when something bad happens.
While there are some bad products out there (there always are), it’s important to realize that most people fail their test because they fail to follow the instructions. You’d be amazed at how many people assume they know how something is done. Well, those are the people that flunk the test.

In addition to missing the instructions, most of the negative results will come from people who don’t know enough about their specific situation. Every laboratory has different requirements. You need to do your homework and make sure you’re using the right stuff for your situation.
Don’t know what kind of test you’re taking? Don’t know where to start? Take advantage and learn more about your specific situation.

Where Should I Start?

There are some tricks you can use with Google to help your search. This will take some effort on your part. But, ultimately your success is up to you. Only you can determine how much a passing result will mean for your life.


  • Do you have a particular product in mind? We won’t go into detail, but we consider Quick Fix Plus to be the best synthetic urine on the market. Learn more about it here.
  • Determine what kind of test you’re taking?
  • What state or country do you live in?
  • What lab will the test be conducted at?
  • Make sure you’re ready to see both positive and negative results.


Improve Your Google Search Skills

Let’s say you want to learn more about Quick Fix Plus. Type the following into Google:

Quick Fix Plus + “forum”
The first part tells Google to search like it regularly does. It will try to find all web pages related to Quick Fix Plus. The second part is where the magic happens. The quotes tell Google to find pages that specifically have the word forum on it (also note you have to add the plus sign in between).

All forums have the word forum on their page (at least somewhere). That will make the search results come back with a ton of forum results. Now, it’s your turn to dig and claw through what people are saying.
It’s also wise to read the most current comments. The industry changes quickly and any advice older than one year will typically not be of any help.

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