The 2021 Guide – How To Pass The Hair Folocile Drug Test

Need to pass a hair drug test? You’ve probably heard there’s no way to beat it, but that’s not the case. It is possible to pass a hair drug test with a little forethought and planning. First, though, it helps to understand what a hair test involves and how the process works. If you’d prefer skip all that and get straight to how to pass, here’s how you can get the result you want (click each one to learn more).

Best Ways To Beat The Hair Test


What is a Hair Drug Test?

A hair follicle drug test detects the presence of drug metabolites. It uses a small hair sample and is popular among companies as an affordable, non-invasive, and accurate option. Hair drug tests deliver quick results and are more accurate than a saliva drug test, for example.

This type of test can detect substance abuse from an inch of hair. Human hair keeps a long-standing record of illicit substance consumption. THC metabolites, for example, remain in the hair for as long as ninety days and can be identified with a hair follicle test.

A hair test’s ability to accurately determine habitual use is excellent, so organizations often prefer this type of analysis to urine or saliva testing. A hair follicle test is also more challenging to pass than any other screening, except for blood drug testing.

When is a Hair Drug Test Necessary?

There are several reasons you may have to undergo drug screening. Drug tests are mostly carried out for employment, medical, or legal purposes in the United States.

In occupational settings, companies ask applicants to take a drug test during their application process. Drug tests are generally carried out for jobs that are associated with a high risk of injury or a high-intensity workload.

Current employees may also undergo random or scheduled test lab drug screenings at the company’s prerogative. After a severe accident, a company may request that an employee is tested for drugs as part of a disciplinary process, or to prevent an incident from reoccurring.

The laws in some states prohibit companies from conducting random screenings like urine drug tests, a mouth swab, cocaine drug testing, or a marijuana drug test. In these states, a company may test an employee, but only when they provide evidence to support their decision.

Drug testing for legal purposes is usually court-ordered. A person who is involved in child custody, domestic violence, or adoption case may be drug screened.

How Do Drugs Get in Your Hair?

When you consume an illicit substance, your body breaks the toxins down into metabolites. For example, if you smoke marijuana, your body metabolizes the cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to form nor-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

This metabolite stays in the body much longer than THC and is present in the bloodstream. Eventually, the body excretes metabolites through the kidneys, gut, and sweat glands.

The metabolites also attach to the hair follicles through the bloodstream, and testing results vary depending on the type of drugs you’ve consumed. As your hair grows, the metabolites move from the follicles to the hair shafts underneath the top layer. The metabolites are present throughout the hair shaft and remain for around three months.

What Happens During a Hair Test?

A hair follicle drug test doesn’t have to take place at a testing center. Drug test detection can also happen at your workplace or your home with a hair drug test kit.

The tester cuts your hair with a small sample of around fifty strands of hair. A professional clinician removes the sample from the back of your head with two or three little snips, so it doesn’t affect your hairstyle. Sometimes, the tester will require body hair or leg hair if the head hair is insufficient or growth rates have been compromised.

The tester will then send the hair sample to a laboratory for overnight testing. The laboratory will take the sample and carry out an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test, which is a preliminary screening for things like salicylic acid.

If the ELISA test delivers negative results, they will draw up a report and send it to the client, which is usually the employer. If the results from the ELISA test are positive, the lab will retest the sample with a confirmatory chromatographic testing method. An example of such a technique is gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

The objective of the confirmatory test is to rule out false positives.

Quest Diagnostics is the leading facility for screenings in America. Watch the video below as they outline the hair test from their perspective.

How Accurate is a Hair Drug Test?

A hair drug test can accurately determine if a person used an illicit substance within the past three months. The results of the test can’t accurately determine when the person used the drug, however.

Hair drug tests are generally perceived to be accurate, as they consist of a two-step process. In practice, these tests are about as reliable as urine testing, but unlike urine tests, they can detect long-term use.

The accuracy depends on the concentration of metabolites in the hair. Factors that affect this concentration include:

  • The structure of the drug’s compound
  • Sweat gland activity
  • The concentration of melanin or dark hair pigment in a person’s hair (some drug metabolites are more inclined to bind to melanin than others)
  • Bleach or colorant in the person’s hair
  • Frequency of drug consumption

It is not possible to connect a percentage to a hair drug test’s accuracy as there are many variables. The hair follicle drug test detection times are not specific, but if you used a drug three months before a test, it would detect the metabolites in your hair.

Are False Positives Possible?

False positives are possible with a hair drug test. Consuming the following products can result in a false positive with hair drug tests:

  • Poppy seeds spark a false positive for opiates
  • Hemp seed products and CBD oils garner false positives for THC
  • Prescription drugs for colds and headaches as false positives for synthetic amphetamines and benzodiazepine
  • Decongestants contain ephedrine as a false positive for amphetamines

If you ingested any of the products or medications, there is a chance that ELISA testing will deliver positive results for drug use in that time frame. Confirmatory chromatography tests detect positive results.

Thanks to confirmatory tests, the occurrence of false positives is low in comparison with, say, urine drug testing.

Types of Drugs

A drug testing kit can use hair screening to check for any substance. Hair contains metabolites from all drugs, including:

  • Marijuana and medical marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates like morphine, heroin, and codeine
  • Amphetamines like ecstasy, eve, and methamphetamine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Hair drug tests are popular to test for benzodiazepines like Serax, Xanax, Restoril, and Valium. A tester may also use it as drug detection for the presence of barbiturates like phenobarbital, butobarbital, amobarbital, and Nembutal.

Many people think that hair follicle drug tests can detect drug test products and receive a list of substances the person used for three months, but this is not the case. The tester has to check for the presence of a specific substance to detect drugs individually.

How Long Does THC Stay in Hair?

The most common hair drug test is for THC, a compound of the cannabis plant. Most hair drug tests are carried out to determine the presence of THC in the bloodstream. A lot of people concerned about passing a drug test are chronic or occasional weed smokers.

The metabolites of THC can stay in the hair for a few days to several months, and no amount of clean shampoo can eradicate it. The detection times for THC in your hair depends on several factors, including:

  • How much marijuana you consumed
  • The strength of the marijuana that you smoked
  • Your body fat percentage
  • Your lifestyle, metabolism, and diet
  • How much you exercise
  • How much you sweat

If you are an occasional smoker who has a test coming up in two months, you may still pass the drug test. Cleaning your hair and using a few detox products won’t do the trick, however. You will have to quit smoking, exercise every day, drink two liters of water per day, and follow a healthy diet.

Note about the timeline: Most hair follicle tests go back 90 days. However, there are hair tests that can detect drugs up to one year. The hair tests that can test up to a year aren’t used often; they are typically reserved for legal situations. We suggest you research which type of the test you’ll be taking beforehand.

Is it Possible to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

It goes without saying that if you went three months without consuming a drug, you would be able to pass a drug test.

If you occasionally smoked during the ninety days before the test, it is still possible to pass the hair follicle drug test, but you have to take active steps to achieve a negative result.

Chronic drug users can’t pass a hair drug test unless the test produces a false negative result. More on this later.

Shaving your head is something that many people consider, but it is not a viable option. Metabolites are not only present in the hair on your head, and the tester will simply take hair from another part of your body.

Are There Kits Available for Passing Drug Tests?

If you have a urine screening coming up, you can choose from a wide range of kits to pass drug tests. These kits include Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine from Spectrum Labs.

Unfortunately, there are no kits for passing a hair drug test. The products that are available for hair analysis remove the toxins from your scalp and the outer layers of your hair strands.

The drug metabolites are trapped underneath the scales and cuticles of your hair strands, so you need an ultra-clean shampoo and a home remedy like the Macujo Method to open these scales and wash the metabolites away.

There are also no kits that contain synthetic hair that you can use like Quick Fix for urine. The tester takes the hair from your head, and there is no way that you can submit hair strands that are fake or that come from someone else’s head.

Should You Consider Home Remedies?

If you have a urine screening coming up, you can choose from a wide range of kits to pass drug tests. These kits include Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine from Spectrum Labs.

When researching ways to pass a hair drug test, you will inevitably come across home remedies that supposedly get rid of metabolites in twenty-four hours. These home remedies include:

  • Dying or bleaching your hair
  • Washing your hair with lemon juice or vinegar
  • Washing your hair with bicarbonate of soda
  • Washing your hair with detergent

Reviewers swear that they have tried these methods and that it worked. If you ask a professional, however, they will tell you this is impossible.

Bleach and detergent may damage your hair. Besides, if you show up for work with bleached hair, your employer may suspect that the upcoming hair drug test has something to do with it. You also won’t get far by playing the medical marijuana card.

The Jerry G Method

The Jerry G method is somewhat of an urban legend and consists of a combination of the home remedies listed above. The first step of the crazy process is to bleach your hair. The second step is to dye your hair with a product that contains ammonia.

After you dyed your hair, remove the color with an aloe toxin rid shampoo. The Jerry G method doesn’t work. If you follow this so-called proven method, you will significantly damage your hair.

Many people who tried this method lost their hair and had to submit strands from other parts of their bodies. Even if you don’t lose your hair, you are not guaranteed to eradicate the drug metabolites in your hair in time.

How to Remove Metabolites from Your Hair

At this point, you may feel somewhat dispirited with all the dos and don’ts. You can’t buy a kit, a buzz cut will fail, at-home hair remedies will ruin your hair growth, and the Jerry G method is dumb.

If you suspect your employer will test your hair, there are simple measures to pass the test. These methods are only useful if you have time on your side, however. The first step for any of the options below is to stop consuming drugs. If you smoke again, you will add more THC metabolites to your hair.

The Shaving Option (You might get a laugh)

You can shave all the hair off your body. Okay, we understand this wasn’t a solution you were hoping for. Nonetheless, it’s important to discuss because it works.


Let’s assume you’ve been smoking for the last three months (heavily). You’re informed on Tuesday that you’ll have a hair test the following Monday.

If you shave off all your hair on Tuesday night, you can give your hair sample on Monday and have a strong chance of passing.

Why does it work?

Shaving your entire body will give you a 5-7 day window to pass the test because your hair needs approximately one week to detect anything.

Is it practical?

While the method works, it’s far from reasonable. You have to be willing to confront a doctor and keep a straight face about why you are completely bald (maybe you’re a swimmer?).

You’ll also have to deal with your current employer. They probably just interviewed you and saw hair on your body. It’s probably going to be an awkward first day when you walk in without hair.

Note: If you don’t have a hair sample to give for your test, the lab will usually ask for a urine sample. The bad news is you still need to pass your hair screening. The good news is the urine test is much easier to swing in your favor.

Click here to read about how to pass a urine test.

Can’t pull it off?

Not digging the shaving option? We highly recommend a detox shampoo.

Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo (Most Reliable)

Honestly, most hair detox shampoos will let you down. If you’ve spent any time in the forums you’ll see story after story about failed attempts. To be honest, most shampoos have claimed to work but were simply a tool to make some shady money. (people knew it didn’t work).


The good news is that there is one detox shampoo available today that ACTUALLY WORKS. It’s called


Old Style Aloe Rid Detox (ONLY the old version)

DO NOT get screwed into buying the newer version (I’ve seen it on Amazon, etc). It will NOT work! The old one works because it can get inside the hair follicle and remove of all the drug toxins.

The Bad News

Aloe Rid is extremely difficult to find and get your hands on. The only place you can buy the old version is from


Unfortunately, The Aloe Rid Shampoo isn’t cheap. That said, it’s hands down the BEST option you have. Put it this way: If you can’t afford it then your reason for wanting to pass your hair test must not be strong enough.

But if you’ve been offered a dream job (or any other compelling reason) and NEED TO PASS then it’s well worth the money.

Click here to view Aloe Rid’s current price.

The Occasional Smoker Loophole (Good For VERY Light Users)

The emphasis here is VERY, as in a very light pot smoker. If that sounds like you then you may be in luck when it comes to the hair test loophole.

Disclaimer : use the following advice at your own risk. We are not responsible for the result.

How much of a particular thing have you done over the past 90 days?

For this example, we will stick with smoking. Let’s say you only smoked one time in the past three months, and it was one hit out of a pipe (meaning a small amount). You will more than likely pass your test.

Why does that mean you will likely pass?

The test is looking for prolonged use. You’ll test positive when you use certain things over a stretch of a few days (or heavily on one day).

Example : you smoke a bowl a night for four days straight. Your chances of testing positive increase because you’re providing the test with a “clump” of usage. Essentially, you’re creating a spike for the small time interval of four days.

Alternatively, you will more than likely fail if you consumed a high amount, even though it was used on one occasion. Let’s say you smoked more than 0.5 gram on one night, and that was the only time you smoked over the course of 90 days. You are not looking good because you’ve created a similar situation to the person who smoked over four days. There’s a “clump” of usage that creates a spike. That’s an easy catch for the hair test.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Hair?


Unless your entire body is bald, the lab will find some hair to use for the test. If your head is shaved then the lab will look elsewhere. They can use the following:

  • Armpit hair
  • Back or chest hair
  • Arm hair (rare)

As mentioned earlier, the lab will more than likely ask you to take a urine screening as an alternative. The good news is the urine test is much easier to pass.
Check out our page on how you can pass your urine test.

Total Detox Friend (AVOID)

Total Detox Friend will not help you pass your hair drug test. They’re not interested in your result, yet some people believe it will help.

Do not buy. Hair Detox Friend.


Unfortunately, the most effective way to pass a drug test is to abstain from any drugs before your test. If enough time passes, you can cut your hair, and all the metabolites will be gone.

Natural detoxing is another way to clean your system. Detoxing activities include exercising, following a healthy diet, drinking enough water, and staying away from harmful substances. The more you smoked, the more time you need to cleanse your bloodstream and hair from THC metabolites.

Use a Home Test

Before your hair drug test, if you have time (this is useful for folks who are told they will be randomly tested and want to be prepared), check if you will pass by ordering a home test kit. Several online vendors provide these kits, and they can ship them to your home. A home test kit includes an instruction manual and a prepaid envelope that you can use to mail your sample.

The home test kits are usually the same but read the instructions carefully. Take a hair sample from your head and wrap it in a piece of foil. Then, place it in the prepaid envelope and mail it to the laboratory for analysis.

You can receive your results by using the contact details in your kit. If the results are negative, go ahead with the hair drug test.

Summing It Up: How Can You Pass a Hair Drug Test?

Hair drug tests are popular to ensure employees test clean. Failing a hair drug test can have severe repercussions, including loss of employment or imprisonment.

A hair follicle drug test detects drug usage for up to three months before the screening. If you consumed an illicit drug during this time, your chances of passing are slim without precautions.

There are several things you can do to pass a hair drug test. You can cleanse your blood and hair naturally by abstaining from drugs, exercising, and consuming a detox drink. If time is not on your side, you can either get slick and shave your entire body or use the Old-Style Aloe Rid Detox shampoo method.

This rid shampoo will open the scales of your hair and wash away the drug metabolites in the cortex layer of your hair. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of this shampoo, we recommend

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