Who Is Drug Rehab Alliance

Publishing reviews and giving people an in-depth analysis of synthetic urine and other types of products that will help you pass the drug test is what our company does. We are explaining everything you need to know about these products; where you can purchase them, how much they cost and how they work.

Our company gathered detailed information from multiple sources through research across the web, and it is proud to deliver them to our readers. Let’s be clear about something; we are not here to promote the use of any drugs. We just want you to present information as they are.

The primary goal of our site is to bring you the most objective, detailed and accurate information on hair, urine, and saliva drug tests possible. All of the writings are based on published scientific studies. Bear in mind that we don’t repeat out of date information, perpetuate myths or copy what others are writing. We are just bringing you the best information possible, which you will use it at your own risk.

Products referenced are to be used in accordance with all local and federal state laws. Also, we will tell you what options are available and what is working best for women and men. As you already know, more and more companies want to check out their future employees, so they started to use drug tests. And you need to know that you won’t pass these tests easily. But don’t worry, we are here to help you get through this process.

Our goal is to help good people live a healthy productive life and improve it. Before you purchase any of the products, you should read our reviews first and avoid picking the wrong one. There you will find everything you need to know about them. And remember, the best way to pass these tests is not to use drugs.

Meet the Team

Lisa Stinson
Co-Creator and Author

Lisa graduated from Stanford University, Chemistry Department. For over 10 years she has been in this business since she co-founded the company in 2007. Lisa became fascinated with the health aspects of cannabis, after her mother got cancer back in 2003, and understood the need for consuming it in medical purposes. Because more and more companies have started to use drug tests to check out their future employees, she began to research more about synthetic urine, these tests, and how to pass them. She wanted to help good people with medical issues to find a job of their dreams. Since then, she is researching and reviewing products, so the users know more about urine, hair and saliva drug tests.

Richard Andrews
Co-Creator and Author

Richard also graduated at Stanford University and is the author and co-creator of our site. The reason why he chose to review, write and research drug tests topics is that he wanted to help people who experienced failed drug tests due to the usage of cannabis for medical purposes. He is taking care of scientific analysis and writing good reviews so that users of the products have the best information possible.