Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine How to Avoid a False Positive Drug Test in 2021

Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine How to Avoid a False Positive Drug Test in 2021

Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine, how to avoid a false positive drug test in 2019

Most commonly throughout your early years, you might be faced with a situation involving a urine test to secure employment. Rewinding a bit and you will likely find yourself up late partying with some of your best friends in college or perhaps partaking in some after school activities. No, we don’t judge it’s legal now right? Well, right and wrong when it comes to urine tests.

Wait I Have To Take a Drug Test? Yikes!

In the coming months of graduation, you will likely be offered your dream job. With years of college under your belt, you have aligned yourself to succeed in the real world. Now here comes the tricky part, passing your urine test for that new job you took. I often catch myself wondering how in the heck can someone judge me on what went on in my personal life after school? I mean I did graduate from Stanford with honors credits. Well in case you think I am bullshitting you here is how it all went down. You can thank the Reagan administration’s war on drugs policy that enacted the mandatory drug testing law. Here is a state by state law guide on drug testing, procedures and collection standards. https://www.aclu.org/other/state-state-workplace-drug-testing-laws

Drug Tests

In the years since the war on drugs began, companies have increasingly relied on drug testing to comply with state laws and deter employees from using illicit substances. Drug testing also helps companies pinpoint employees who are showing early signs of problems. Employers often use a pre-employment drug test to sift out job applicants who use illegal drugs.

If a company wants to test you for drugs, they have several options available. The type of sample you provide depends on the company’s budget and if they’re going to test for recent or long-term use.

Swab Drug Test

Saliva testing is a popular lab drug test as it is less invasive than other methods. The reason many organizations don’t prefer a mouth swab drug test, however, is because it can only detect recent drug use. If you smoked marijuana more than ten hours before the test, there is a high likelihood the lab will be unable to detect it.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

When you use a substance, its metabolites enter the blood vessels of your scalp. Your hair filters these metabolites and keeps it as a record of substance consumption. A lot of people object to this method of drug lab testing as it doesn’t give an accurate indication of recent drug use.

For example, if you smoked marijuana only once, a few months before the test, you may test positive for drug use. Prescription medications and certain foods can also lead to false positives with hair follicle drug tests. The best way to prevent false positives is to remove the metabolites from your hair with a high-end shampoo, like an herbal clean for hair.

Blood Test

Blood drug tests are the most accurate of all the screening methods as checks for the presence of a drug and its metabolites in the system. A blood test can determine the level of drugs at the time of the screening, too.

The drawbacks of blood tests to organizations are that they are invasive and expensive. This type of analysis is time-consuming as it takes a while for the lab to show results. It also requires much preparation to pass, using a detox drink, detox pills, and other methods to clean your system.

Perspiration Tests

Perspiration is a modern drug testing method and involves a sweat patch affixed to the skin for around two weeks. This method works best for monitoring people on probation or those involved in child custody cases. If you are applying for your dream job or working for a company, however, the chances of you undergoing this type of test are small.

Urine Tests

The most common drug screening method is a urine test. Many companies and testing facilities prefer these urine samples as they are accurate, affordable, and quick to show results.

Metabolites of illicit substances exit the body through the urine. Methods used to check the batch for metabolites include mass spectrometry, gas spectrometry, layer chromatography, and immunoassays, for example. Urine tests are the easiest to pass; however, with a fake sample.

If you’re thinking that you don’t need fake urine because you haven’t done any drugs, we have some bad news—it is possible to test positive even if you’re clean.

15 Common Ways You Can Fail with a False Positive Result

Common household items like cold medicine, poppy seed muffins, hell, even second-hand smoke at a concert can deliver a false-positive result. I came across this article written by Dr. Sharon Orrange, who, through clinical research, describes 15 medications that can cause you to fail your drug test.

If you are like one of the millions out there who suffer from back pain or even depression, you are likely at risk.  Common products like Ibuprofen and Naproxen (Advil/Motrin and Aleve) and Sertraline (Zoloft) can cause you to test positive.

People often test positive when they haven’t used any drugs. There is a wide range of foods and consumable products that testing methods confuse as illegal substances, for example. If you recently consumed any of these harmless substances, it increases the chances of a false positive. Most of these products are in your home, so avoid them if you have an imminent urine screening.

Hemp Seeds

People consume hemp seed or oil and milk that are derived from hemp seed. Hemp seeds are legal, and this product is believed to be medically beneficial. Hemps seed products contain cannabidiol (CBD), which is a cannabinoid of the hemp plant.

Hemps seed products also contain small traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant. THC is the reason most people consume marijuana. THC amounts in hemp seed oil products are not enough to cause feelings of euphoria, but urine specimen testing can detect the microscopic traces.

Another issue with hemp seed products is that the THC is stored in your body fat. You can test positive for up to thirty days after consuming a hemp seed product.

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds contain microscopic traces of opiates, an ingredient of substances like codeine and opium. If you eat poppy seeds, you will test positive for these substances for up to 48 hours. When you place an order at a restaurant or buy something like bagels, make sure that it doesn’t contain any poppy seeds–at least until you land your dream job.

Cold Remedies

Over-the-counter cold remedies for colds and flu contain an ingredient called pseudoephedrine. It relieves congestion by narrowing the blood vessels in your nasal passages, but pseudoephedrine is a synthetic amphetamine. If you take cold remedies before taking a drug test, you may test positive for amphetamines, like meth.


Many people prefer Ibuprofen to relieve headaches and other forms of pain. If you have a drug test within 48 hours, however, use another pain remedy like Tylenol or aspirin. Ibuprofen can test positive for drugs like marijuana, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates.


Azo is a product that provides immediate relief from urinary tract infections. The substance removes bacteria from the urinary tract, causing the urine to turn red or yellow. Azo is not likely to cause a false positive, but it can raise a test administrator’s suspicions.

Vitamin B Supplements

You may find it difficult to believe, but Vitamin B supplements can cause you to test positive for drugs. Commercial Vitamin B supplements or riboflavin are synthetic. Natural herbs containing Vitamin B complex supplements are made from the fermentation of plants and contain hemp seed oil.


Sudafed, like over-the-counter cold remedies, has pseudoephedrine as an active ingredient. Urine screenings can mistake this ingredient for drugs like methamphetamine. Stay away from Sudafed for 48-hours before your drug test to prevent a false positive.

Tonic Water

If you drink tonic water, it can lead to a false positive during a drug test. Tonic water contains small amounts of quinine. Don’t have a gin and tonic the night before your drug test, as you may test positive for opiates.

What Can You Do?

The products we listed above are the common causes of false positives during urine screenings. There are many other ingredients that can result in testing positive for drugs; however, even if you never smoked a joint in your life. For example, if you inhaled second-hand marijuana smoke in the past, you may fail your drug test.

Another worrisome fact is that false positives are a common occurrence. According to previous data, five to ten percent of all drug tests result in false positives.

Failing a drug test can have severe consequences, too. If you are piss tested for illegal substances, for example, and found positive, it can have a huge impact on your career and your future. Allegations of drug use can result in loss of employment, exclusion from sporting events, jail time, insufficient medical care, or loss of privileges during probationary periods.

If you’re not too keen on avoiding poppy muffins and suffering through headaches without Advil, there is an alternative—synthetic urine.

What Is Synthetic Urine Exactly?

Now, if you’re starting to panic, there is a good reason why I often wonder how many times people get denied employment or even thrown in jail for failing a urine test at no fault of their own. I am certain lab equipment can be faulty, and specimen results can get mixed up as well, the scary facts are it just happens, folks.

This brings me to the interesting part about “synthetic urine.” Yes, we have all heard of it. If you are wondering what synthetic urine is exactly? Well, here is a Google link description of the exact contents and manufacturing process.

Now let me put this into English for the common person reading this. Synthetic Urine, such as Quick Fix 6.3 urine, is a pre-mixed laboratory-grade kit used to help once conceal their medical history and pass a urine test.

With common ingredients like those found in fake pee such as Ph, Creatine, Gravity, Color, and Urea-Uric acid, the kit is designed to deliver results just like the real thing. If you are wondering what the difference between urea and uric acid in synthetic urine here is a link by Manisha Kumar that explains it in detail.

Quick Fix 6.2 to the Rescue

As far as which synthetic urine to choose, we found reviews of this company, Spectrum Labs, in online forums, which backs its claim of a 100% success rate, just read what these guys have to say about it. Quick Fix 6.2 from Spectrum Labs is synthetic urine manufactured in a lab setting, with the same composition as real human urine. A bottle of Quick Fix even looks and smells like the real deal.

What is Quick Fix 6.2 Made Of?

Quick Fix 6.2 has high success rates and is a popular option for people who want to pass their urine screenings. Version 6.3 is the latest Quick Fix formula and has been updated several times in the past to stay on top of the latest developments in drug testing standards.

The synthetic urine from Quick Fix 6.2 is available in 2oz bottles and 3oz bottles. Quick Fix Plus 3oz is the one that most people prefer, as it provides flexibility in the case of spillage or multiple drug tests.

Official Quick Fix urine is like real urine on all levels. The fake piss looks and smells exactly like real urine. Quick Fix also has the same chemical characteristics as real urine, including pH level, urea content, specific gravity, and creatinine, making it ideal for passing drug tests.

The synthetic urine from Spectrum Labs differs from another synthetic urine product on the market in that it contains urea. Products from other brands have a prominent uric acid content, but laboratories generally test for urea, not uric acid.

Urea and uric acid are not the same. Urea is a significant waste product of the human body and is the result of the metabolization of amino acids and proteins. If the synthetic urine you submit does not contain urea, a lab like Quest Diagnostics will be able to discredit it quickly.

How to Use Quick Fix 6.2

Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine is perhaps one of the best products available to prevent false positive drug test results. You must combine the quality of this product with proper usage, however. If you have not followed the instructions included with your kit, it will not help you pass your urine test.

Proper use comes down to storage, preparation, and submission of your sample. We discuss each of these components below.

In comparison to other sub solution products, fake Quick Fix urine is easy to prepare and use. Temperature fluctuations and mixing do not have a significant effect on the fake pee’s quality.


You will receive instructions with the kit on how to use the quick luck product and hand warmer, for example. We also discuss proper use below, so you have all the information you need before you buy Quick Fix synthetic urine.

Storing Your Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

As an employee, you may not always know when your employer wants to carry out an unexpected drug test. If you recently took cold medicine or Ibuprofen, an unannounced drug test is devastating.

To prepare for these events, buy a Quick Fix 6.3 kit with a heat pack and to keep it in your office or bag until needed. You must store your Quick Fix fake pee correctly, however, or it may lose its chemical structure.

The good news is that storing Spectrum Labs Quick Fix urine is incredibly easy, and you don’t have to keep it at home. If drug tests are something you deal with regularly, you can even purchase several containers and store them safely.

Long Shelf Life

Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine is one of the fake pee products with the most extended shelf life. You can store this fake urine for up to two years at room temperature. You don’t have to refrigerate these brands of synthetic urine, so you can buy a container, throw it in your drawer with the hand warmer, and forget about it until the day of your drug test.

Should You Freeze the Synthetic Urine?

You don’t have to freeze your synthetic urine, but you can. Spectrum Labs formulated Quick Fix urine so you can freeze and thaw it without damaging the liquid’s chemical composition.

When thawing Quick Fix urine, don’t use a microwave or direct sunlight, as it will change the liquid’s molecular structure. Instead, take it out of the freezer and let it thaw slowly at room temperature.

If you are pressed for time to prepare your fake urine sample, a frozen sample can be a hassle. Don’t freeze it unless you know when the drug test will take place.

Keep the Synthetic Urine Out of Direct Sunlight

Many people erroneously place the urine sample on their dashboard or desk in direct sunlight to increase its temperature. The sun’s UV rays break down the biochemical structure of the sample, and a lab will be quickly able to identify it as a fake. When warming your sample, use your microwave oven, a heating pad, or body heat.

If you accidentally forgot your fake pee in direct sunlight, for example, on your car’s dashboard, discard it. Submitting a sample that was exposed to direct sunlight is not reliable. Purchase a new kit will maximize your chances of passing the test.

Get the Temperature Right

When urine leaves the body, it is between 90˚F and 100˚F. The person supervising the sample delivery knows this, and you can expect your supervisor to do a temperature check before accepting your cup.

If your sample is above or below the temperature range, the testing facility suspects that the sample is fake and will not accept it for testing. The ideal temperature is 97˚F, as this will give you leeway.

Your objective is to have the supervisor add your sample to the testing inventory. The realistic chemical structure of the Quick Fix 6.3 urine will take your sample the rest of the way.

You have to plan carefully and follow the preparation instructions to ensure the sample you submit is the correct temperature. The Quick Fix 6.3 kit provides a container, a temperature strip, and a warming pad or heat activator powder.

There are three methods to warm your sample to the correct temperature. The appropriate way depends on how much time you have to prepare your sample.

Quick Preparation Method

The quick preparation method is suitable if you know when the drug test is scheduled, and you can warm the bottle at home in your microwave. The Quick Fix urine comes in a container that is microwave oven-safe, and it has a temperature strip that you can use to monitor the heating process.

Take the heat pad out of the kit and activate it before you start preparing the sample. The heating pad will rise sufficiently in around ten minutes to keep your fake urine warm. Activating the heating pad first will ensure the fake pee doesn’t cool down before the drug test.

After activating the heat pad, remove the cap from the fake urine container and place it in the microwave for intervals of ten seconds. Check the temperature strip after each interval. If the temperature is higher than 100˚F, the temperature strip will not show a reading, and you must let it cool down.

When the strip indicates a temperature between 90˚F and 100˚F, take the rubber band that is included with your kit, and attach the warm heating pad around your fake pee bottle. Wait for around three minutes to ensure that the temperature stays within the realistic range.

Place the container with the heating pad beneath your underwear so it can use the heat from your body. Then, drive to the testing facility and submit the sample.

If you are in the bathroom and notice the liquid’s temperature has dropped, reheat it. Place the container between your thighs or run it under a hot tap, discreetly.

Heating the Warming Pad

If you have time before submitting your sample, heat the warming pad in the microwave instead of heating the fake urine bottle. The method is ideal if the drug test is later during the day, and you will not have a chance to use a microwave again.

Start by putting the heating pad in the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds. Don’t let the pad become too hot, as it will burn you under your clothes.

Next, attach the heating pad to the bottle with the rubber band from your kit. The pad will keep the fake bottle at the correct temperature for up to eight hours. If you notice the temperature starts to drop, carry the bottle next to your skin.

Slow Preparation Method

The slow preparation method is for when you no access to a microwave oven. Usually, people who follow the time-consuming preparation method have a Quick Fix kit with them and are asked to submit a sample as part of a surprise urine screening.

To use this method, take the heating pad from your kit and activate it. When the pad is warm, attach it to the container with your rubber band. The fake pee bottle will start heating to the correct temperature.

To speed up the heating process, place the container with the pad underneath your underwear next to your skin. The combination of your body temperature and the heating pad will have your fake urine at the correct temperature range within 45 minutes to an hour.

Don’t place the container in direct sunlight to speed up the process.

Keep an eye on the temperature strip to ensure it reached the correct temperature. If not, ask if you can use the bathroom and heat the container with the water from a hot tap. Give the container a little shake to spread the temperature evenly throughout the liquid and foam it up.

The slow preparation method is not ideal, as it takes longer than the other methods. A little planning and about an hour is more than enough time to heat your fake urine bottle.

Submit a Sample

When the time comes for you to submit your sample, the temperature of your container should already be between 90˚F and 100˚F. The next step is to fill the testing facility cup from your heated fake pee container without the supervisor noticing.

Before you arrive at the testing facility, place your fake bee bottle underneath your underwear. This will ensure that your sample remains warm and will not be detected during a body search.

The supervisor will check for tubes, straps, and containers. If they find fake urine on you, they will confiscate it.

Go into the bathroom and close the door behind you. Take out your container, check the temperature, and give it a little shake to give the fake urine a realistic foamy appearance. Then, fill the facility testing cup to the required level.

Put the fake urine bottle back underneath your clothes and flush the toilet. Hand the facility’s pee cup back to the supervisor.

Submitting the sample is relatively easy if the supervisor doesn’t want to see you deliver the sample. The Quick Fix fake pee bottle is compact and easy to stash underneath your clothes. Remember to keep calm, flush the toilet, and wipe any spillage from the toilet seat or floor with toilet tissue.

Consider a Urination Device

In some cases, the testing facility supervisor may be present when you deliver the sample. If the supervisor watches you, casually filling the testing cup from your fake pee bottle is not advisable.

To solve this problem, Quick Fix offers kits that include urination devices like urine belts, stash underwear, and stash leg straps. You can fill your pee cup directly and discreetly from the stash straps.

Quick Fix 6.3 also has Monkey Dongs and Monkey Whizz urination devices available. These prosthetic urination devices have a realistic appearance, making it possible to fill a pee cup without taking out your bottle.

If you use the urination device for the first time, you may look uncomfortable. Prevent this situation by attaching the device to your body and moving around with it for the week or so before the test. You should also figure out the best way to attach it securely to your body, so there are no bulges visible.

Testing facility staff are familiar with products like Quick Fix 6.2 and urination devices. These people know what to look for when someone comes in for a drug test.

Fortunately, they have to respect your right to privacy. Thorough preparation will enable you to deliver your sample without raising suspicion.

Will a Lab Spot Quick Fix Urine?

There are instances where Quick Fix Plus failed, but these are often extenuating circumstances or as a result of ignored instructions.

A lab may notice that the sample they are testing is a Quick Fix synthetic product if:

  • They use highly sophisticated urinalysis equipment that can pick up discrepancies
  • The sample was exposed to direct sunlight
  • The Quick Fix synthetic urine was expired

Quick Fix 6.3 has a higher success rate than other synthetic urine products. Once you manage to submit your fake urine sample for testing, you can be reasonably sure that you will pass your drug test.

When looking at negative reviews that previous buyers left for Quick Fix 6.2, a common issue was the acceptance of the sample for testing and not the lab results. If you follow the instructions correctly, you increase your chances of avoiding a false positive significantly.

Quick Fix 6.3 Cost

The cost of a Quick Fix 6.2 urine kit depends on several factors, including the size of the bottles, the urination devices you received with your package, and the vendor you choose. The cost of a Quick Fix 6.2 kit typically ranges from $40 to $100, but it can cost more if there are more than two bottles in your urine kit.

Always try to buy more fake liquid than you need. You may spill some of the liquid, or it may be confiscated at the testing facility.

Where to Buy Quick Fix 6.3 Urine Kits

Now that we have established QuickFix is the ideal solution to avoiding false positive drug tests, let’s discuss where to purchase this stuff.

Quick fix 6.2 is not readily available at local vendors, for example, smoker stores or retail outlets. You can easily find urine kits on platforms like Amazon or eBay, however. Many people prefer these kits because they are more affordable.

When purchasing synthetic urine online, you must be careful, though. Unfortunately, many of the products sold from large retailers are expired, which is why they are sold cheaply, and you will not be able to use them as a sample for testing.

We recommend QuickFixSynthetic.com as a reputable supplier of new and authentic synthetic urine that is produced by Spectrum Labs. This online store also provides add-on products like heating pads, urination devices, and detox products.

Summing It Up: How Do You Avoid a False Positive Drug Test?

False positives during drug tests are a common occurrence. If you ingested a product that has a questionable ingredient, or if you suspect you will fail, reduce your risk with Quick Fix synthetic urine.

The fake pee from Quick Fix is easy to prepare, and it has a realistic composition. This artificial urine resembles real human urine so closely that labs often use it to calibrate their urinalysis equipment.

To increase your success rates with this product, follow the user instructions carefully, especially regarding the temperature. To order your Quick Fix synthetic pee, visit QuickFixSynthetic.com today and place your order.

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