The Use of Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

The Use of Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

The Use of Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine

The Uses of Synthetic Urine and Why it is Most Commonly Used in Drug Testing

Synthetic urine is an artificially-manufactured mixture of water and other organic and inorganic compounds – including uric acid, urea, creatinine, phosphates, sulfates and chlorides – intended mainly for laboratory applications; in reality, its blanket of usage covers a much wider spectrum. Though it authentically mimics all the physical characteristics and chemical properties of human urine, “fake pee” (as it is known) brings with it substantial advantages like the absence of any kind of waste, thus it’s able to be utilized in the areas where genuine urine can’t be used because of hygiene and infectious diseases hazards. Additionally, synthetic urine boasts a formidably long shelf life, making it easy to ship and store.

It is for all these reasons and more that synthetic urine has become popular for use in the following areas:
Urine Testing Equipment Calibration One of synthetic urine’s original purposes was to help calibrate different urine testing equipment, as human urine can’t help in this department due to its greatly varying composition. As such, an artificial substance with a constant formula is indispensable for any laboratory that conducts urinalysis.
Science “Fake pee” is also widely used for various scientific purposes, beginning with the development of new urine tests for different diseases and even include preparing for an eventual mission to Mars.
Education Medical students are trained to conduct urinalysis tests and clinical experiments on synthetic urine.
Alternative Medicine and Cosmetology Synthetic urine has become an acceptable substitute for urine therapy in alternative medicine or for different cosmetic purposes since it boasts identical chemical composition.
Cleaning Agent Testing Synthetic urine is very popular among marketers and salespeople to demonstrate the effectiveness of cleaning agents for carpets and furniture, including urine stain and odor removers.

The Most Common Use of Synthetic Urine: Passing a Drug Test

Because synthetic urine works for passing a drug test, it has become one of the most popular areas of application for the product. The original urine sample can be substituted with the synthetic urine that does not contain any evidence of drug use, thus yielding something of a guarantee of a negative result. From most reports, it is almost impossible to detect fraud, no matter the training level of the lab staff, because the latest formulas of such commonly-used products like our own Quick Fix perfectly imitate real human urine – and do not differ from it in composition and appearance.
Here are some things that determine the quality of a synthetic urine product:
• Must contain uric acid
• Must contain urea
• Must contain creatinine
• Must contain nitrates
• Must be the correct temperature (90- to 100-degrees Fahrenheit, 32- to 36-degrees Celsius)
• Must exhibit a normal pH (between 4.8 and 8)
• Must exhibit normal specific gravity (the density of urine compared to water)
• Recommended to exhibit a urine-like odor and foam naturally
• Discretion (because sometimes urine tests are monitored)

What You Need to Know and where to buy Quick Fix 6.3 online

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Using synthetic urine for a urine drug test is believed to be significantly easier for tests completed in a private bathroom; understandably, the risk of being caught increases dramatically if you are being monitored during the urination process.

What exactly do urine testing labs look for?

Practitioners in the medical field use urine to test for a plethora of details concerning someone’s health; however, drug testing in it of itself is one of the most common scenarios in which an individual might encounter a urine analysis (as we already conveyed). Those hoping to gain a certain result on a test, aside from a common drug screening, are advised to do research on what their urine analysis is looking for prior to investing in synthetic urine.

Still, when it comes to drug testing, there are a few misnomers about what exactly laboratories are testing for – as an example, a standard drug screening will not test for:

• Sex hormones (indicating gender)
• Genetic data
• Prescription medications (aside from amphetamines, opioid medications or compounds specified by the analysis)
• General health status

The standard urine drug test checks for the presence of five or six difference substances including:
• THC (cannabis) metabolites
• Opiates
• Cocaine
• Phencyclidine (PCP)
• Alcohol (on occasion)

A drug-testing lab will also check for:
• Temperature
• pH
• Creatinine
• Uric acid
• Urea
• Excessive nitrates
• Glutaraldehyde
• Specific gravity

The good news is that the suspicion that a sample contains synthetic urine due to odor, color or foam characteristics isn’t enough evidence on its own to reject the sample; still, it may raise some unwanted red flags and warrant further investigation. Most labs, however, test the temperature of the urine sample within just a few minutes after receiving it, so the temperature is important when trying to “trick” an analysis. To be sure, synthetic urines can be reheated as many times as necessary.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: Tests in recent years have become more sophisticated due to the increasing popularity of synthetic urine – in fact, to reject a sample, the testing lab has to scientifically prove the sample is a fake. In a sense, this creates a type of race between manufacturers of synthetic urines and testing laboratories, so both must continue to develop more sensitive tests and realistic products in order to out-compete the other.
That’s where the Quick Fix product comes in.

Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix synthetic urine is the clean, pre-mixed laboratory urine that everyone has been talking about. Spectrum Labs has perfected a means of creating urine in a laboratory environment, a process that has resulted in a cleaner, fresher urine that is toxin-free and balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, urea, and several other vital urine characteristics. What’s more, Quick Fix has been designed for unisex applications – thus, it can be used by men and women.

Each box of Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine is warmed between 90- and 100-degrees in a microwave up for 10 seconds, when it becomes suitable for use. All users have to do is attach the heat pack and keep it warm for up to eight hours.

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