Saliva Test

How To Pass A Mouth Swab Test (Saliva) in 2019

You know what’s frustrating about saliva tests? When you ask 100 different people, “How do you pass the test?”, you will get 100 different responses. The internet is full of websites, forums, and other platforms that vary in opinion.

Just show me what works!

Don’t need to take a saliva test? Find the right page for you:

The truth is, there are many different ways to pass a saliva screening. Some of more effective than others, but the real difference is that all of our bodies are unique.

With all the confusion, where does one turn for solid advice? Our site, of course. Take a deep breath as we will go over “how to pass a cotton swab test in 2019”. Consider yourself lucky–the saliva test is by far the easiest of the four major tests to pass.

Overview Of The Mouth Swab/Saliva Test

The saliva test is relatively new and beginning to pick up in popularity. It’s been picking up steam in the United States over the past decade. There are a lot of reasons why employers like the test:

  • It’s cheaper than a urine exam
  • It can be administered on-site
  • Results can be determined instantly
  • It’s a non-invasive test

Ultimately, employers will choose this type of test because of its low cost and convenience. A prospective employee can be interviewed, offered a job, and tested, all within a matter of an hour (potentially less).

The Saliva Test Is Not Perfect

Okay, just because the test is convenient for employees doesn’t mean it’s the ultimate pre-employment screening.


The saliva test is the easiest test to swing in your favor.

Drawbacks Of The Mouth Swab Test (employer perspective)

  • Most people will pass if they have not used “bad things” for at least the last week.
  • There are products (like Ultra Klean–see below) that can mask usage.
  • More people pass this test compared to the urine or hair test.

As you can see, the drawbacks definitely outway the benefits (from the perspective of the employer). So why would any employer choose this method?

The truth is money talks. Most businesses don’t know enough about the screening tests, and when they are presented with different options, guess which one wins? You guessed it, the cheapest.

Now for the part you’re looking for.

Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash

If you’re emotionally attached to the outcome, meaning you need to get the job, then we recommend the Ultra Klean Mouthwash.

Where can I find Ultra Klean?

Ultra Klean is the go-to product for mouth swab tests.

Need To Pass A Saliva Test?

Question #1: Will you have stopped all consumption for at least a week when you take the test?

If you answered yes, then you should be okay. If you’re still nervous, then we strongly recommend Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash.

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*Please note that Rehab Alliance takes no responsibility for the result of your exam. Use all advice at your own discretion.*

Magnum Saliva Cleaner

Magnum Saliva cleaner is another great option for the saliva test. Not sure which one is your best choice? Click here to find out more.

Home Remedies To Pass The Saliva Test

Not down with the above methods? There are a few home remedies that have been rumored to help. If you’re unsure, we recommend reading the various screening forums.

1. Chew ice – it’s believed that chewing gum before the test will help you pass. It’s been written over various online forums. Not sure how this works.

2. Altoid mints – similar to the ice method, putting a few Altoids in your mouth prior to the test seems to help. Again, use at your own risk.

3.  Lots of water and a high-fat meal – use at your own risk.

And that is it folks. While we can never guarantee a passing result, the information provided on this page will put you in the best position to pass a mouth swab test.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.