Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Fix Plus 6.2 – Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no disputing the fact that Quick Fix Plus 6.3 will work on the urine screening in 2021 and beyond. Even so, many expected users of the product have questions that need to be answered. Using fake pee can be a tricky endeavor and we’re hear to make sure you feeling confident along the way.

Below, we attempt to answer some of the most common questions about Quick Fix synthetic urine.


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FAQs about Quick Fix

Q – I’ve tried heating up the bottle a few times, but the temperature gauge doesn’t show that I’m in the right zone. Is there something wrong with the fake urine?

A – No, there is nothing wrong with your product. The most common mistake we see is that users overheat the fake pee, which causes the reading to disappear.

If your sample feels quite warm then you can safely assume you’ve overheated it. Wait about five minutes and let it cool down.

After it cools down, you should notice it will be in the right zone, or need warm it up slightly.

Q – Will it expire?

A – Yes, it is possible for your synthetic urine to expire, however, the product does have two-year shelf life. In addition, there are batch numbers located on the directions. The batch number will let you know whether the sample is okay to use.

Also, it’s important to check the batch number on occasion. Sometimes, there are recalls and you need to stay up-to-date with this information.

Typically speaking, a batch number under 10 means you should ditch the product. If it’s less than 10, then we recommend you visit our friends at

If the number is above 12 then you are looking good (assuming the product is not more than two-years old). Any number above 12 is also great to use.

Q – Who can use version 6.2 and newer 6.3?

A – As long as you follow you local, state, and federal laws, you are allowed to use Quick Fix for recreational purposes. The product should only be used for recreational purposes and never to fool a urine screening.

It’s okay for both men and women to use the product. Also, testing facilities are not allowed to test whether the sample is male or female.

Q – Will it work if I mix them?

Well, it depends. If the samples are from two different batches, then DO NOT mix them together. You will not see dependable results by doing it.

If the batch numbers are the same, then you are free to mix them together. Having said that, we typically advise users to keep them separate, but that is your own risk.

Q – What temperature does it need to be?

A – In order to effectively pass an at-home urine screening, the sample must be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember, our body temperature is 98.6.

The goal is to have the synthetic urine to match your real body temperature. This will make everything seem normal.

Q – How do I achieve the proper temperature?

A – Please read the instructions guide here. We cover the exact steps you should take to make sure it works properly.

We hope the Q & A has helped you feel better about using your Quick Fix synthetic urine. Please leave a comment below if you still have further questions.

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